Christmas & Appendixes


DSCN1192Planning is everything!  Until the unexpected happens!  We only had a short time since starting the church to plan for our big Christmas outreach.  It was going to be our first event to reach the parents of our Sunday School kids.  We asked our friends and supporters to help us in this event to give the kids a gift and a Christmas party with typical Christmas goodies, Paneton (a type of fruitcake) and hot chocolate.  Everything was coming together as planned and we arrived to the Thursday before the big day.  Chris began to not feel well.  Maybe he ate something that didn’t agree with him.  Friday he isn’t feeling any better, in fact he feels worse.  Oh well no time to be sick we have a big event on Sunday morning.  By Friday night Chris is beginning to think that this illness might be a problem.  By Saturday morning, the day before the big Christmas event, Chris has fever and incredible pain.  Oh no!  We don’t have time for this!  So we decided to go to the local clinic and they would probably just give him some medicine and we can continue with the plans.  But they didn’t just give him medicine.  He has appendicitis!  The hospital here in Moquegua is not a place that we would choose to have surgery done and the doctor said that he needed surgery right away!  So we called our faithful 2 Sunday School teachers and gave them everything for the Christmas party.  And we hopped on a bus to Arequipa for surgery.  DSCN1210

The party went on without us.  God reminded us that these are His plans not ours.  And we are to do what He has called us to do even if we don’t get to do the fun stuff.  The children received their Christmas party and gifts and were so happy!  They performed their Christmas play and were blessed by your generosity in giving them gifts.  Pastor Pedro Diaz the regional superintendent gave the Christmas message.  The party was a success.

Meanwhile we spent Christmas and New Years in a hospital in Arequipa Peru.  Chris was hospitalized 11 days for a ruptured appendix and peritonitis.  God was good to us and He protected Chris’ life.  There will never be another Christmas like the Christmas of 2012!