EBDV or in English VBS


After a 2 1/2 week absence from our new church plant we lost most of the ground we had gained!  It was so discouraging when no one showed up for our Sunday evening service!  The Sunday School attendance had dropped.  It was summer and many of the kids went on trips to visit their families where they are originally from.  We had lost our momentum.  So with determination we started again.  With most of our congregation being children we thought it would be so great to have a Vacation Bible School.  We wondered how could we do this with such a small building and only 2 Adults (our Sunday School teachers) to help.  There was just no way that we could do it by ourselves.  But God had a plan!

The Adolescent Class of VBS

Chris Deb & Castle TeamWe received a telephone call on Tuesday February 5th asking us if we would host a Peru Kings Castle team for a week to do a Vacation Bible School.  They would be arriving on February 8th.  Wow this was amazing!  Just what we needed!  But…. we only had 3 days to prepare for a team of 7 teenagers from different parts of Peru.  We had to find a place for them to sleep and someone to cook their meals and then everything that we would need for the VBS.  This was a “God Thing” and we would do it!  Not only did we do VBS but we did outreaches in the areas surrounding our church plant!

We had 53 children attend our VBS and many people now know about our church.  We were able to lead adults and children to the Lord.  The church is growing and we are so encouraged that God is the one that is building His church in Los Libertadores Peru!